Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here in My Home

With all the negative politicking around, the people divided by politicians hunger for power, I have to praise the Malaysian Artistes for Unity of coming up with this music video. The video and lyrics captured the very essence of what we are as Malaysians must stand united for regardless of race, religion and political differences. This music video is produced at a timely manner where now we as a Malaysian started to drift apart due to the unscrupulous negative politicking around us this days. What happened to our vision 2020? What happened to Malaysia's goal of a developed nation? With the current government and opposition both saying that they want the best for the 'Rakyat', I think it is best for them to look back at Malaysia's intended goal, what this country is for and it's future. Squabbling for power will do no good. We only want one love undivided. We want unity. Enjoy the music video. :)


Unknown said...

do not get carried away by this video. it is a brainwashing effort to wipe out the social contract

Razamith said...

Probably. But why should we be afraid? Social contract or no social contract, I think the Malays can already stand high in our own country.